Activities at Granite Gorge

At Granite Gorge you can truly experience Australia’s Northern Savannah wilderness.

We have:

  • Wallaby watching and feeding
  • Great gorge walks to suit all ages
  • Fishing and in other areas feeding fish and turtles
  • Bird watching Spotlighting at night
  • Canoeing on the river, you can bring you own canoe
  • Rock hopping
  • Caves to see
  • Off track exploring and lookouts
  • Spotting rock formations that depict animals

Walking the Gorge

Your entry fee into the park includes access to the gorge walks. The walking tracks are adventurous, exploring large areas and are a great place for families. Walks are designed to suit different capabilities.

The main track is suitable for people with average fitness and it meanders through the maze of boulders and deep holes offering spectacular scenery along the way.

Whilst the path is marked to ensure people don’t get lost, it is not overly signposted so as to maintain the wilderness aspect and allows visitors to discover the route which adds to the adventure.

Rock Wallabies and Wildlife

At Granite Gorge visitors have a fantastic opportunity to get close with the wild rock wallabies in their natural habitat. You can hand feed them macropod pellets which we have available. The Mareeba unadorned rock wallabies (Petrogale inornata, Mareeba race) are rare and endangered and only seen up close here.

The wallabies are unique to this area of Mareeba. They are known to be on the top of a couple of mountain ranges but this is the only place they can be seen up close and fed in the wild. Possums, 5 types of gliders, Frilled necked and other lizards, 2 types of quolls, turtles and echidnas inhabit the gorge and park area. On winter nights dingo howls can be heard way down the gorge.


Extensive savannah birdlife can be seen here. We have a bird list and there has been seen about 200 species of birds here. Some are resident like kookaburras, tawny frogmouths, squatter pigeons, various parrot and finch species while others like channel billed cuckoos, koels and dollar birds arrive in spring.

We keep tame cockatoos and lorikeets and the owner is a wildlife carer, so good information can be given about local animals.


There are some excellent swimming holes to suit all ages. It is fed by several springs and overflow from Lake Tinaroo, this gives constant deep water. The weir at the south end is an ideal place for a refreshing swim, and after walking through the gorge the stream provides a cool deep swim before you return. These pools are free from anything that could bite you.

Turtles and fish can be fed in certain areas. Canoeing can be a very relaxing pastime and you can bring your own canoe. Little rapids and falls add to the melody of the stream.